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Do you feel lost, confused, stuck? Are looking for the best spiritual healer to fix your life problems? Do you have questions about your life path, your souls purpose? Let me help you. I’m Mama Tashah, and I am an experienced psychic and traditional  healer. I work with Papa Mendi and Auntie Wendy. We can help you gain a new perspective on how you look at, and live your life. Along with my Spiritual and psychic skills, I have nearly several years of experience as a trainer and mentor of traditional healers (Sangomas) in Africa. Many people struggle with their situations in silence, not knowing what to do about the issues in their lives. By consulting a gifted traditional healer, you can get guidance, advise, support in times of need, direction on how to obtain the love that you need, protection  from any harm/ evil spirt, and so much more. This ancestral gift is bestowed onto special people like Mama Tashah with deep insights and a deep love to serve humankind.

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I will  help you gain a new perspective on how you look at, and live your life.

Love Spells for Marriage & Relationships

Is your love or marriage falling apart? Do you want to grow your love and make it stronger? Is your partner loosing interest in you? Are you Tired of lonely days and nights? Do you feel confused or lost? Do you want to make your partner commit to a long term relationship & marry you? Are you facing divorce or court issues and would need ancestral blessings? Do you want to prevent your partner from cheating on you? Book an appointment with Mama Tashah to get help

Removing Bad Luck, Protection Spells & Psychic Reading

Do you want to remove demonic spirits & bad spiritual forces that have taken over your life & causing you problems? Are you looking for the powerful spiritual healer/sangoma to  get rid of generational disorders, unexplained deaths, accidents & curses from your family? Do you want to be protected from evil spirits and nightmares? Do you want to break the curse of always loosing jobs? Are you having bad luck and hence why everything in your life is always not going according to plan? Book an appointment with Mama Tashah to get help